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標題: [Sony] Can't we fill the space with the items we obtained in the log [打印本頁]

作者: wfuuopy    時間: 2020-8-12 10:09 AM     標題: Can't we fill the space with the items we obtained in the log

Mod Roq said that iron guys can not use items that we earned pre-collection log onto the log to runescape gold 2007 fill in the space. His reasoning was that some irons might've achieved items and it'd be unfair to others? Would you guys elaborate this again? As far as I'm aware, there's no rivalry to filling the log, there is no hiscores, and nobody could ever complete it anyway, so how can it possibly be unfair?

The set log is only a personal goal sort of thing that is nice to check at to find out what drops you've had during your accounts, a tracker to learn what you've received / your private progression in one location, or what you have left (like clue things you still need). It has got nothing to do with other people, so the reasoning of Roq is really terrible imo. See how far we've gotten and we like to play with with our game. It is not fun looking at a blanked out DWH because I received it that's obviously and until the log burst.

I really hope this gets spoken about. I received lots of things pre-collection log and due to that I never look at it because it's kinda pointless. The reasoning does not make sense and only sounds like an excuse not to do the work tbh. Like you mentioned, there are no high scores. The issue is that. They have the product and are not banned.

Can I get clarification on screen name rules? Why people that have multi login user titles revert back to using a display name if they've changed their name? This wasn't the principle when the display name program came out years before, and it was not the rule as lately as 2012.

Recognizing that the capability to make new multispaced accounts has been eliminated in mid 2006,I recognize there's likely a disproportionate number of others still playing with multispaced login balances, and this isn't a priority concern for you guys at all but some sort of buy rs 3 gold input on this would be nice.

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